The Geek/Art CONfluence is a comic con focused on creativity, inclusion, and diversity in geek culture. It will take place in-person and online on Sunday, March 27 from 10am-6pm EST.

The in-person CON will be located in the Shaffer Art Building at Syracuse University. The online part of the CON will take place over Zoom, and will be available to everyone, everywhere.

We plan to stream many of our in-person events over the Zoom, including our panel talks, and we will also have online-only activities that take place only on the Zoom. You will be able to have an awesome, comprehensive CON experience whether you attend in-person or online.

The Geek/Art CONfluence is enthusiastically dedicated to providing a diverse, inclusive experience—with a focus on increasing disability awareness within geek culture—in partnership with Syracuse University’s “Cripping” the Comic Con, aka CripCon.

We are committed to accessibility. Panel sessions will include A.I. captioning and some panels will have American Sign Language interpretation. Whenever possible, visual content will be accompanied by image descriptions.

Open to everyone, everywhere, free of charge.

Zoom links will be listed a week before the event.

What can you do right now? Propose a talk, demo, or other activity, or enter our cosplay contest!

Chris and two members of the 501st Legion at the 2019 Geek/Art CONfluence

Expectations for Behavior at the CON

Be nice!

The point of the CON is to provide a friendly, positive, inclusive, geeky space for a day, for the benefit of people who have not had the chance to experience that kind of thing for a long time.

Harassment, insults, bigotry, and villainous behavior in general will not be tolerated. We may remove anyone who does not uphold this expectation through their speech or behavior.


Email Chris Wildrick at

You can also visit us on our Facebook site, our Facebook Event page, Instagram, and Twitter. We’ll make regular announcements on those sites, so Like or Follow them to quickly see any updates!

The Geek/Art CONfluence is here for your geeky needs!

Previous years of the Geek/Art CONfluence: See a schedule for the fall 2019 CON here, and the archived web pages from the spring 2021 CON here.

The coordinators of the Geek/Art CONfluence are Frank Cammuso, Diane Wiener, Chris Wildrick, and Rachael Zubal-Ruggieri,

Capital G and A in blue three-dimensional letters and an orange lightning bolt between