Art Contest 2023

This year we’re inaugurating an art contest, judged by CON favorite James P. McCampbell.

How does it work?

Everyone is invited to make and submit a drawing of Batman. He can be any version of Batman that you want, drawn in any style. Make him dark and brooding, make him silly, base it on his look in The Animated Series or The Dark Knight Returns or Adam West or your own imagination. There are no limits–just keep it PG-13 so kids can participate or take a look with no worries.

You can turn in your entry one of two ways:

(1) email it to me at by Friday, March 24 or

(2) draw it on the day of the CON and hand it in to us in person!

We will have a variety of drawing opportunities at the CON where you can draw your Batman. You can draw Batman at the Free-Draw table or at the Batman Figure Drawing sessions.

We will print out a selection of the email submissions to show at the CON along with the drawings people do in person.

If you email it: put Geek/Art Batman Drawing in the subject line of your email and send it at a high enough resolution that we can print it out.

If you do it in person: hand it in at the Funky Town Comics & Vinyl booth in the main hall. Make sure your name is on it!

We will give out $25 for the best drawing by a kid (age 0-13) and $50 for the best overall drawing.

We are holding this contest in memory of Kevin Conroy, the beloved voice of Batman in Batman: The Animated Series and many others, who inspired generations of fans to love and learn about Batman in his many forms.

About Our Judge, James P. McCampbell

James P. McCampbell was born in Toledo, Ohio in 1978. James and his family moved to the Central New York region in the early 90’s.

Mr. McCampbell’s primary interest is comic book influenced illustration, but he has had decades of interest in surrealism, graphic design and photography.

These interests were explored as he acquired Fine Arts and Photography associate degrees at Onondaga Community College. Mr. McCampbell was briefly an Illustration major at Syracuse University.

His artwork has been on display at numerous events and locations in the Syracuse/CNY region. This includes the Everson Museum (as part of the Unique Magazine annual art shows by the Arise organization), the annual video game convention in Syracuse known as RetroGameCon, a poster design selected by the Syracuse Poster Project organization for 2021, and art exhibitions at the Gear Factory on Geddes Street.

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