Accessibility and Inclusion at the 2023 Geek/Art CONfluence

The Geek/Art CONfluence is dedicated to providing a diverse, inclusive experience—with a focus on increasing awareness of disabilities within geek culture—in partnership with Syracuse University’s “Cripping” the Comic Con, aka CripCon.

Please visit for more information about the CripCon. To learn more about what “cripping” means, please visit:

 For information about the CripCon’s history of accessibility and inclusion, please visit:

Interested in learning more about disability and accessibility in comics and comics culture? One of our organizers, Rachael Zubal-Ruggieri, has put together this bibliography:

Our goal is to include textual descriptions, subtitles, and A.I. captioning whenever possible.

We will have American Sign Language (ASL) interpretation for our speakers and panelists between 1:00 and 5:00–Dani Pendergast, Tyler Boss, the video game history panel, and A. Andrews.

Expectations for Behavior at the CON

Be nice!

The point of the CON is to provide a friendly, positive, inclusive, geeky space for a day, for the benefit of people who have not had the chance to experience that kind of thing for a long time.

Harassment, insults, bigotry, and villainous behavior in general will not be tolerated. We may remove anyone who does not uphold this expectation through their speech or behavior.

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