Vendors, Artists, & Groups 2023

The CON has a host of exciting local vendors, artists, and groups.

They include:

501st Legion, Garrison Excelsior (Star Wars costuming): website, Facebook, Instagram

Andromeda’s Alchemy (cosplay, crafts, art, and design): Facebook

Collectibles Galore (comics and collectibles): Facebook

Funky Town Comics & Vinyl: Facebook

GDA Comics

James P. McCampbell: Facebook

Luna Cat Cafe: Facebook, Instagram

Nerd Alert Art: Facebook, Instagram

Nick Morman/WebCamNick (illustrations): YouTube, TikTok, and click here for a QR code

Nikki DeJohn (pixel art): Instagram

Pastel Pride Witch: Facebook, Instagram

TMNT Decennium: Facebook, YouTube, Instagram

The Art Store (aka Commercial Art Supply): website, Facebook, Instagram

The Kingdoms of Novitas (LARPing): Facebook

Excalibur Comicz

Gaming Club at Syracuse University (GCSU): Instagram

And some of the amazing Illustration students in the School of Art at Syracuse University!

Capital G and A in blue three-dimensional letters and an orange lightning bolt between

See the Vendors, Artists, & Groups from 2022 and 2021.

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