Cosplay Call 2021


Check out the entries here.

You can vote for the Audience Choice Awards on Facebook, for both Photo and Video categories, by clicking on their links.

The winners of all the categories will be revealed during the live Zoom of the CON from 5:30-6:00pm (EST) on March 20.


We will have two separate contests: Photos and Videos.

Costumes can be from any genre, including original characters and mash-ups.


Prizes will be awarded in the following categories during the live Zoom of the CON on March 20:


Grand Prize, $100; Judges’ Choice awards from each judge and Audience’s Choice: $50 each


Grand Prize, $100; Judges’ Choice awards from each judge and Audience’s Choice: $50 each



Kate McKay, aka Andromeda’s Alchemy, has been sewing for over 3 decades. When not making costumes and other fiber related items, Ms. McKay is a Girl Scout troop leader and Stay at Home mom. She has a background in Cultural Studies and U.S. History. In her free time she is a long time Larp enthusiast and gamer.


Wendell Smith, Sr. is a married father of 3 and former active duty Marine turned cosplayer, actor and producer.

Wendell is known as Scorpking Costuming. He has been making many of his own costumes over the past 11 years. Costuming is a fun outlet for him.  He has met a large number of people over the years and made a large number of friends as well.  Cosplay is something that has become a part of his life….

In the world of Cosplay, Wendell has done numerous characters, but he has an affinity for his portrayals of Thanos, Apocalypse, Black Panther, Kitt Pryde, and various Sith characters.

Wendell has judged multiple costume contests at various cons over the past 13 years. He has also won best male villain for my original Sith character at the Baltimore ComicCon.

Lastly, Wendell is a geek…he has many fandoms he follows (Harry Potter, Marvel, DC, LOTR, Resident Evil, Kung Fu flix [Shaw Brothers, yeah boy], and quite a few others) …. Again, Wendell thanks you for the opportunity to share his life love with the fans of Marvel Comics, and those visiting the realm of Marvel Comics for the first time!!!


Jay is a nonbinary femizenting cosplayer who was Assigned-Male-at-Birth and uses she/her pronouns. 

Originally from North Pole, Alaska, she joined the U.S. Navy after high school to become a broadcast journalist.  She was assigned overseas in Spain, Iceland, Japan and Afghanistan; aboard two ships; and as a drill instructor at Navy Boot Camp.  Retiring after 20 years of honorable service in 2015, she continued to serve by teaching military broadcasters for the Department of Defense for five more years. 

Under the stage name ‘Jazmine Cosplays,’ Jay has been cosplaying since Awesome Con 2016, shortly after she decided to begin her gender transition.  She likes to portray strong, independent women like Samus Aran from Metroid, Jean Grey from X-men, and Silk from Spider-Man.  She works with talented designers, tailors, wig stylers, prop makers and make-up artists to create her looks, then presents them at conventions and online.  She is happy to have received tons positive support from the cosplay, LGBTQ, and geek communities. 

“Never let anyone tell you who you can or cannot cosplay,” Jay says.  “No matter the gender, height, age, or skin color: Cosplay what you love, and love what you cosplay.” 

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