Cosplay Entries 2022

We are currently accepting submissions for our online Cosplay Contest! Please visit here for the rules! You can submit your cosplays using this Google Form. Online entries are due March 19.

Here are the wonderful entries we have so far, from both the Photo and Video categories. This page is only for the Online contest–we don’t have any pictures of our in-person contestants yet, of course. We’ll see their work in-person at the actual CON, and will also livestream them on Zoom. We will also show a slideshow of all the Online work during the CON’s Zoom.

The names of the cosplayers, their character, and the media they are from appear either directly below the images or when you click on them, depending on the format.

We will have an Audience Choice award for the Online cosplays, which we will do over social media starting the week before the CON.

Caroline Vargas as a gijiinka Rapidash from Pokemon. The song is a Brazilian funk music about mares galloping and, thus, Rapidash is galloping and doing dressage movies on a grassy place full of people.
Akuma King as Iron Man Mark 85 from Avengers Endgame
Ichiro as Sword Master Knight, an Original Character inspired by Elden Ring
Khim as Goblin Slayer from Goblin Slayer
Josh as Kamen Rider Ryuki from Kamen Rider Ryuki
Aya Ran Fujimiya as Batman Arkham from Batman Arkham Knight
Mitch Gans as Paramedic Sakai from the Detective Conan anime series: The video is a 360-degree view of all sides of the costume, demonstrating mobility of the ambulance, audible siren, egress from the ambulance, and opening the back doors to reveal the patient on board.
Sinahi Fernandez Miralrio as Kindred Porcelain from League of Legends. In the jungle of “summoner’s rift” these two inseparable friends patiently wait for their prey, reaching where life ends to take the souls of those who say goodbye to this world.
Kazehaya as Prince Vegeta from Dragon Ball Z : Saiyan Saga
Moe as Dragon Hunter Freya from Mobile Legends Bang Bang (Game)
Momo as Kamen Rider Hibiki Armed from Kamen Rider Hibiki
Emma Nice as Elesis Sieghart Evolve Form from Grand Chase (Game)
Phatrick Morales as Wukong from League of Legends. Sun Wukong is a legendary mythical figure best known as one of the main characters in the 16th-century Chinese novel Journey to the West and many later stories and adaptations..
Shinonna as Professor Sybill Patricia Trelawney from Harry Potter: Professor Trelawney’s prophecy – within a dusty library, she finds an answer to a question she does not know. The tarot cards, the divination orb, the books – they all say the same. It’s overhwhelming for her, she feels faint. The magic within her Seeing eye defeats the physical.

for cosplay contest purposes only.. low editing skill..sorry😂😂

♬ original sound – Ej Quintos – Ej Quintos
Ej Quintos as Yasuo from League of Legends;
Ella as Star Guardian Janna from League of Legends
Doms as Dino Megazord from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Kratos KongZilla as Kamen Rider Black RX from Kamen Ridee Black RX
Sora Kitsune as Neku Sakuraba from The World Ends wirh You. Photographers: Nari and mashiro. You are a new player in the reapers game and youre paired with the famous game veteran Neku. Why not ask him a bit of advice?
Christian Umali as Iron Patriot Mark 2 from Marvel. In my cosplay video my armor has more on functioning parts such as my automated helmet that can open close the faceplate, weapon parts such as the armguns has blinking effects and the sub machine guns that I’ve customized battery operated toy guns and also shoulder minigun that spins powered by 2 9v alkaline batteries same goes with the shoulder machine guns I’ve used 4 pcs motorcycle lights connected to the blinking chip to do a blinking effect and the automated missile pods that opens and the lights are blinking
Juan Antonio Guzman Moreno as Ezio auditore da firenze from Assassin;s Creed 2. The assassin’s tunic wore a hood with the center shaped to resemble an eagle’s beak, which was connected to the tunic, with the torso having an open collar. The lower part of the tunic had a double layer, with the back of the tunic down to be longer than the front. Around the waist was a long red sash with pouches attached to a belt, containing smoke bombs, bullets, poison and medicine. The belt also held together an Assassin’s Badge, with sheaths holding throwing knives flanking it. and armor on the chest,back and shoulder pad.. The video is a representation of the movements that I can perform with ezio’s cosply, adding a text that comes out in the assassins creed video game.
Xhyllyn as Classic Rengar from League Of Legends

You can see last year’s cosplay contest participants here.

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