Activities 2022

We always have a variety of participatory activities you can do while you’re at the CON! Activities in bold will be streamed over Zoom.

This year’s activities will include:

10:00 Tina Tom-El from Kryptonian Cosplay will do a demo on how to make your own patterns and make your own costumes without a dress form–an important skill for anyone interested in taking their sewing to the next level! She’ll also be at her table sewing and working through the day.

10:00-11:00 and 12:00-1:00 Ziqi Zeng will demonstrate the card game Karuta, using Hana Fuda, a card deck seen in the anime Chihayafuru. Come learn how to play!

10:00 Jonathan Trier and Jason Winkler will demonstrate the Star Wars tabletop game Armada.

11:00 Collin Wong will demonstrate some sword-fighting techniques. Participants will be able to join in some supervised play using these techniques (using safe swords, of course!).

12:00-2:00 Batman Figure Drawing! A Batman cosplayer will pose for figure drawing. Bring your paper and pencils, or draw on your tablet, and make some awesome Batman drawings from life! In room 332. (This is our only activity outside of the main first-floor space.)

1:00-3:00 Jiayun Xu will demonstrate her “chopstick in the bottle” game. Simple to learn and play!

1:00 Chris Wildrick will host a comic battle debate session. He’ll propose several comic battle match-ups, and you can debate against fellow audience members about which would win.

2:00 Bella Rossi, Dylan Buck, and Joey O’Brian from the Gaming Club at Syracuse University will give a presentation about Dungeons and Dragons, with the topic of “DM Experience.”

2:00-3:00 Nerf-a-trooper! A friendly neighborhood armored trooper from the Star Wars universe will be on hand–as will several Nerf guns for your use! The trooper will be less of a Nerf-herder and more of a Nerf-target in this scenario. We all know the trooper couldn’t hit the side of a barn–can you hit the trooper?

3:00 Jules Paparella will perform the song “Empty Town” by Toby Fox, from the game Deltarune while cosplaying as a Deltarune character.

3:00 Claire Hughto will GM a one-shot fantasy adventure role-playing game. It will use a loose set of rules based on the TablePop YouTube series. It uses a small number of simple stats that can be applied to a number of situations, so it will be great for beginners, or for experienced players looking to try a new rule-set. Sign up ahead of time by emailing Chris at

4:00 Lily Ryan will run a Trivia Contest–with several geek-themed prizes!

See here for last year’s activities.

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