Cosplay Entries 2021

We are currently accepting submissions for our online Cosplay Contest! Please visit here for the rules!

Here are the wonderful entries we have so far, from both the Photo and Video categories. The call for entries for the contest has closed. I will still post any new costumes, but they won’t be eligible for judging (these cosplays will be noted as “website only”).

The names of the cosplayers, their character, and the media they are from appear either directly below the images or when you click on them, depending on the format.

Haru Cosplay as Carter-A259 (Halo: Reach)
Haru Cosplay as Carter-A259 (Halo: Reach)
Mark Tamparia as Berserker Lancelot from Fate:Zero
Charie Bagotsay as Rayearth from Magic Knight Rayearth
Joshua Soriano as Kamen Rider Bravo King Durian Arms, from Gaim Gaiden: Kamen Rider Bravo vs Kamen Rider Gridon
Darlena Marie as Aveline (Assassin’s Creed)
Keymaster Cosplay as Chelsea from Akame ga Kill!
Jolito Beral as Sun Wukong, the Monkey King of Chinese Mythology, from Journey to the West (Inflames toy version)
John Edward Aldaba as Hayabusa and Christine Joyce Freza as Dragon Hunter Freya of Mobile Legends BangBang (Game)
Vaune Roulema as Khorne Berzerker from Warhammer 40k
Jay Ar Batuyong as Predator (website only)
Lars Ventura as Iron Man Mark 85 from Avengers
Albert Duay as Hero Killer: Stain from My Hero Academia
Moe Valderama Tuscano as Wonder Woman Gal Gadot of Wonder Woman Movie
Jenny Reyes as SnowStorm Sivir from League of Legends
Renzo Camilloni as Jin Sakai from Ghost of Tsushima
Jayson Tabuzo as Super Megaforce Silver (GoldMode) from Power Rangers Super Megaforce
Ferdinand Manreza Nisperos as Dino Megazord of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers

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